Filipina The Fat Fairy

For any parent looking for a book of bedtime stories, this is the right book! Let the antics of Filipina the Fat Fairy entertain and amuse your little ones.

The length of the stories suit the attention span of young children.


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Marie Prinsloo

About The Author

Lizma van den Berg

“From the first story, this little, plump fairy found a place right in my heart. I couldn’t wait for the next instalment! The characters are true to life – they act convincingly just like young children would. Lizma weaves a story around everyday things. Nothing is farfetched and you can identify with every situation. I often burst out laughing! Lizma writes as a grandmother with a very close bond with her twin grandchildren. She KNOWS children! Some of these stories happened in real life. What is easier than to put the blame on an impossible little fairy? Some young readers might get ideas!” ~ Estelle Groenewald, Primary School Teacher

Stories to entertain include:

  • Filipina and the jungle gym
  • Filipina takes a bath
  • Filipina and the builders
  • Filipina and the dirty ram
  • Filipina and Filipolus
  • Filipina and the wagtail with the lame wing
  • Filipina’s holiday-by-mistake
  • Filipina and the little oil paint goblins
    And many more fun stories

For the Afrikaans version, click on the following link: Filipina Die Vet Feetjie


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