A home your book can call its own.


Publisher.co.za is your book’s home from home

When you sell through our store, your book receives its own book page and can feature as much information as you’re willing to provide. This includes a robust description, media reviews, link to your website, online interviews and videos, awards badges, and more. We also have a separate tab for your author information, such as biography, social media links and credentials. And finally, if you have a sample file of your book interior, we will gladly include it on your book page to provide customers a preview of your book.

Best of all, you don’t need physical stock to sell through our store. With our new print-on-demand offering, we print and ship your book to customers when purchases are made. You make your share of the sale less the printing cost.

What Publisher.co.za offers you, the author or small publisher

  • FREE warehousing of up to 10 consignment copies of your print edition (approved titles only)
  • The option to sell your book on a print-on-demand basis if you have no physical stock
  • Sell ebooks (no DRM)
  • Easy registration
  • Get paid in ZAR directly into your bank account, with no minimum payment thresholds (South African bank account holders only)
  • Sales statements when books are sold
  • Local delivery costs and safe/convenient payment options for your customers
  • Discount coupon codes, on request, to help boost your sales
  • The option to add media reviews and videos to your book page
  • The option to include book launch details or special event news in our blog free of charge
  • The option to purchase website display ads and banners for your book
  • Personal, friendly service when you liaise with us – you get real people and old-fashioned service backed by new technology

What you will make when selling through the store

Print and ebook sales: Earn 60% of the selling price

Print-on-demand (POD) sales: Earn the selling price less the wholesale price (the wholesale price is the POD print cost plus the Publisher.co.za mark-up on the print cost). The wholesale price for your book will be calculated when you make your enquiry. It is based on the book size, interior paper type and number of pages.

Minimum and maximum list price

The minimum list price is R85. There is no maximum list price.

Getting paid

We pay you within the first week of the month following the sale. For example, if you sell a book in February, you get paid within the first week of March. There is also NO minimum earnings threshold for South African bank account holders. If you’ve made a sale, you get paid. Finished and klaar. (If you do not have a South African bank account, kindly enquire about our payment frequency).

Note: Sales made after the 15th of December of each year are only paid mid-January the following year due to our offices being closed for the holidays.

Is there a listing cost?

Consignment stock: If your book has been approved for inclusion in the store, there is a once-off book listing cost of R200.

Ebooks: If your book has been approved for inclusion in the store, there is a once-off book listing cost of R200.

Print-on-demand books: There is a once-off processing and file setup cost of R487.50.

How to list your book on Publisher.co.za

Signing up

  1. Complete and submit our online book listing form.
  2. You will be prompted to supply a full-size front cover image of your book, and preferably some sample pages of your book inner in PDF format to help readers make an informed buying decision. The more information you can provide, the better. If your book is a full-colour coffee table book, feel free to send us images of pages or photos used in the book, in jpg format. It’s best to have these items ready before you complete the form so that everything can be submitted in one go (if you can’t, don’t stress – these items can also be emailed to us after your form submission).
  3. We will review your application and if your application is approved, we will notify you and then upload your book data.
  4. If your title is being sold on a print-on-demand basis, refer to the print-on-demand information further below.
  5. Send us 5–10 physical copies of your book if you are not using the POD option. The delivery address will be provided.
  6. Once we receive your book listing form and physical stock, we will load your book information onto the Publisher website.
  7. You will be notified when your listing has been uploaded. Your listing goes live usually within 1–3 working days after we receive your material and stock.
  8. We advise you when stock levels are low so that you can replenish your stock. You may replenish your stock as often as needed at no extra cost (the cost of getting your books to us is for your account) or you may opt to move over to our print-on-demand solution.

Included in the service

  • FREE warehousing of 5–10 books with the option to replenish stock as and when needed.
  • Sell digital versions of your book (you supply the ebook file, or we can convert the print edition for you at an additional cost; conversion services are carried out by professional, highly experienced service providers).
  • Receive your own book sales page with description, price, author information, and other book information.
  • Receive customer reviews.
  • Add media reviews and awards to your book page, as and when needed, at no extra cost. Simply email us the information.
  • Enjoy access to sales tools such as discount coupon codes for your mailers, social media and promotional campaigns.

All you need to do now is Promote, Promote, Promote! Don’t by shy about referring buyers to your book page 🙂

Sales statements

We email you a statement when books have been sold. Statements are not issued if no sales have been made. However, you are always welcome to call our office or email us to request a sales update at any time. Sales summaries are usually supplied within 1–3 working days of your request.

You live abroad. Can you list your book on Publisher.co.za?

Yes, you can, provided you have a bank account in South Africa, or you are a South African/ex-South African living abroad and you have a PayPal account.

Does Publisher.co.za market authors’ books?

As a self-publishing author you take on the role of the publisher and, as such, marketing and promoting your book remains your responsibility. There are many excellent online resources that offer great marketing and promotional ideas. What you must do is direct potential buyers to this online store. When you list with us, we will provide you with our logo (on request) for use on your marketing material, social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, and your email banner – along with your book URL, which you will use to direct customers straight to your book page.

We do publicise new additions to the store on our social media pages, and if your book aligns with a marketing and publicity campaign that we are running, we will include it in the campaign.

We also offer discount coupon codes to encourage sales. To receive a coupon code that you can pass on to potential customers to stimulate sales, or to find out more about what coupon codes are and how you can use them, speak to one of our consultants. There is no charge for our coupon code service.

Publisher.co.za print-on-demand (POD)

It is important to know that not all books are suited to a POD model due to the higher cost of printing just one book. POD is best suited to books with a black-and-white interior, although some colour books may be an option depending on the page count and the selling price (a higher selling price increases the viability of a POD option).

To find out if your book is suited to POD, kindly email us your book specifications:

  • Book size in cm or mm (height x width)
  • No of pages
  • White paper or creamy/off-white paper
  • B&W interior or full-colour interior

Print options for print-on-demand titles are limited:

  • Paperback cover
  • White or off-white (creamy) paper
  • Standard or superior paper (superior recommended for books with photos and full-colour images)
  • PUR binding (pages are glued at the spine)
  • Either B&W or full-colour book interior (mixed colours will be quoted as full-colour throughout)
  • Full-colour cover (printed outside only – no two-sided printing)
  • Matt or gloss cover finish
  • No cover flaps
  • No special finishes

If this option is workable for you, we will require your print-ready book cover and book interior files to set up your POD account. When customers purchase your book from the store, the book is printed and bound, and then delivered to the customer.

What must I send to Publisher.co.za for listing in the store?

To list your products, we need the following:

  • Completed booklisting form
  • Full-size, high-quality image of your product or book cover in either .jpg, .tiff, .eps or pdf format
  • Sample pages in PDF format to give customers a “preview” of the book (optional, but highly recommended – remember to include the Table of Contents pages if your book is non-fiction)
  • Any other product images you wish to include
  • An author photo and short author biography
  • The electronic files of your book if your product is downloadable (e.g. ebook)
  • The print-ready files of your book if you’re selling on a POD basis (we will request the files after we’ve assessed your application and received approval from you regarding your earnings)
  • Products for warehousing if you are listing a physical product (these can be sent after your listing form submission – we will provide our delivery address).