Blue Star & Lionheart

A Children’s Book Series: Book One

A moving story of love, courage and hope, with the aim: to educate children on the universal connectedness of all life.


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About The Author

Bea Potgieter

A Children’s Book Series: Book One

The first of a series of books, Blue Star and Lionheart aims to connect with children on a deeper level of consciousness through a beautifully illustrated meaningful story.

Meet the two characters Blue Star and Lionheart. Blue star is human, and Lionheart animal, with each possessing the qualities that are representative of living a life of harmony with one’s inner soul and the outer natural world. The two characters bridge the gap between the human and animal worlds and together combine their gifts of love and hope as they embark on a courageous journey together.

For the characters it’s a journey of loss, and one of light, demonstrating the need to return to one’s inner-self in order to reclaim and reconnect with a soul purpose and universal truth. A message that aptly shows no one is ever alone, and that there is a common connectedness.

The book on a higher level also symbolises the greater loss experienced in all people in modern day to day living, a collective disconnection from animals and nature and the cry for a return to balance, harmony and equilibrium.

A remarkable journey of love and hope, the book brings awareness to a greater need for balance and synchronization. The journey will further unfold over the remaining series of books.




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