Danny visits Doctor D

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‘Danny visits Doctor D’ is an educational book written by a paediatrician which is aimed at children 3 to 6 years of age. The story was written to help your child overcome the fear of visiting a doctor. The book includes child-friendly text to encourage early reading, and has fun, full-colour illustrations throughout.



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About The Author

Dewald Buitendag

Dewald Buitendag

Dr Dewald Buitendag is a Paediatrician working in the Life Fourways Hospital in Johannesburg. He qualified as a paediatrician in 1992 and has assisted freelance writers to write articles for Living and Loving magazine, The Life Health Care magazine, Child Mag, and Vroue Keur, to name but a few.

  • Is your child scared of visiting the doctor?
  • Do you need a gift for a 3 to 6-year-old
  • Do you like to read to your little one?

Then Danny visits Doctor D is the book to get.

Danny visits Doctor D is an educational book that tells the story of Danny, a young boy, who becomes ill and ends up visiting Doctor D. Doctor D first tells Danny about germs and hygiene. He goes on to examine Danny and shows him that he does not have to be scared of the instruments he uses. He then tells Danny what is wrong with him before prescribing medicine.

This book aims to help children overcome the fear of visiting the doctor by teaching them what happens when they visit one. Written by Dr Dewald Buitendag, a paediatrician, the book features child-friendly text to encourage early reading and fun, full-colour illustrations throughout.


1 review for Danny visits Doctor D

  1. Louisa

    My twin grand daughters was over the moon. They loved the book. The illustrations is so good they even make up there own story seeing they are to young to read as yet.

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