The Little 5 – Stories from Africa

Most people are familiar with the magnificent and dangerous animals known as the Big 5: the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard, the lion and the rhinoceros. They get much attention from tourists and conservationists. Not everybody is aware, however, of the Little 5, who live, almost unseen, on the slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain range. Unfortunately they are only just surviving. Their living space is being invaded by indiscriminate human expansions into what once was a pristine environment. People also catch them to keep as pets or even for food.
This book tells some of their stories. Throughout the book there are references of the real status of the little animals, to make the story entertaining and educational.


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About The Author

Janina Pechová

Janina Pechova was born in Prague, the Czech Republic, but has lived for many years in South Africa where she has held numerous sole exhibitions of her artworks. She has also worked in publishing as an art director, freelance illustrator, designer, writer of short stories and educator. She holds a BA degree in modern languages, A BSc in biological sciences and a BA (honours) in visual Arts. Janina has been contributing mainly travel stories to publications such as Habitat magazine, Sunday Times, Business Day Weekender, Diversions magazine and some overseas publications. She has also written and illustrated the very well receive ‘The Little 5’ book, which deals with the little guys rather than the Big 5. She is also a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a US based institution.

Follow the adventures of a shrew, a tortoise, a beetle, a bird and an ant, who live on the slopes of the Magaliesberg mountains in South Africa. They lose at competitions but outsmart thieves, dogs and even the villainous and treacherous Trixies to achieve their dream.


“Janina Pechová’s blend of delightful illustrations and imaginative storyline takes young readers into a whimsical world of small creatures. In an amusing parody of their big game namesakes the Little 5 confront the adversaries of the natural world with wit and adventure, ingeniously embracing real-life conservation and social issues. In the tradition of African storytelling The little 5 uses tales of the veld to entertain and inform.”
– VINCENT CARRUTHERS – Writer and environmentalist.

“There’s a special thing about children’s books where the writer is the illustrator; an extra harmony. Janina’s artwork is a visual kapow! Vivid and vigorous, full of intrigue and peppered with meaning that the written tale brings out step by step in delicious deliberate dollops.
– DENIS BECKETT – author and social commentator



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