Witchfield is an exciting adventure story with a magical twist and lots of local South African flavour. Join Katie and Themba as their investigation takes them deep into the local mine.
This book is aimed at 8 to 12-year-olds.



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Nicole Rimensberger

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Nicole Rimensberger

Nicole Rimensberger

Nicole believes very passionately in books and that if there is a kind of magic in the world, then it can be found between the covers of a book. She has been chasing this magic ever since she was little and learned how to read.

Nicole has wriiten two books so far, with another one in the making. Witchfield being her first, and Tilly & Thandeka: The Ancient Crown of Ghana her second.

A delightful story about a girl called Katie who likes being ordinary and just wants to fit in.
Unfortunately for her, she has a mother who stands out like a sore thumb and some very out-of-the-ordinary, rather magical, things begin happening to her.
On top of that, her best friend, Mayuri, isn’t her best friend anymore, a sinister sponsorship programme is taking over her school, her mother is acting more crazy than usual and the only person who really seems to understand her is a cleaning lady at school. Then she teams up with Themba, the cleverest (and most unpopular) boy at school, and together their investigation takes them deep into the town’s abandoned mine.

What they find there is more terrible than they could have ever imagined. Can they save Witchfield before it’s too late?

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