Super Granny – 180+ Fun Activities for Grannies and Kids

This book includes games and activities that can be played at any time, anywhere, by any Granny-without necessarily costing a thing, just time and some common household items. So c’mon Super Granny- show your grandchildren what you’ve got!


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About The Author

Chrismie Kirsten

Suitable for grannies and children of all ages! You can create lots of special experiences with 180+ tried and tested activities for children of all ages, you will be able to:

  • Get to know your grandchildren better
  • Form deeper bonds with them
  • Keep them occupied when they are in your care
  • Have loads of fun with them
  • Impart some of your wisdom and life experience
  • Teach them important skills
  • Leave them with fond memories of your time together that they will cherish forever.




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