The Healing Chronicles Of Henry Jones

The Healing Chronicles Of Henry Jones is a self-help novel which will entertain and enlighten you. This extraordinary story reveals the secrets of self-healing. It contains a treasure-trove of knowledge and wisdom that you’ll need to heal yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



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Peter Stephen Shrimpton

Peter Stephen Shrimpton

Peter Shrimpton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 33. Visits to medical practitioners and hospitals left him feeling afraid and despairing of ever getting to the root of his problem or healing his body. Extensive medical research led him nowhere. It was only when Peter discovered and started practising natural healing techniques that a shift happened. After managing to restore his own body to perfect health, he felt compelled to turn his notes and research into an entertaining yet significant book that holds the keys to the health and wellness that is within reach of us all. Peter has now been cancer-free for nearly 20 years.

Are you sick or in pain? Do you want to heal your body?

If you’re seeking answers, this novel will both entertain you and enlighten you. The story leads you by the hand on an incredible healing journey that will help you restore your body to perfect health.

When a gravely ill publisher crosses paths with the enigmatic Henry Jones, he is given one last chance to turn his life around. Henry Jones’s big, brown envelope holds the secrets to healing the body naturally and holistically. The pair strike a deal: Henry Jones, with the help of a few quirky friends, will teach the publisher exactly how to heal himself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In return, the publisher will turn the mysterious contents of Henry’s envelope into a book. Together, the unlikely duo embark on a touching, often humorous, journey to complete wellness that delves into ancient and modern healing practises, forcing the publisher to look inward and take back control of healing his own body – for good.

“I’ve never come across such a complete, detailed health recovery system in my entire career in medicine for the past 40 + years.”
– Dr Fred Van Der Riet –
“As a health practitioner, I have seen many healing programs but I have never experienced anything as thorough and powerful as this one.”
– Lynnette Moodey –




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