Beloved Friend

Cindy Glass tells the story of her struggles in life after leaving an abusive and controlling marriage, and how she was led to meet with Spirit Guides, channelled through the mediumship of Theresa Walstra.


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Theresa Walstra & Cindy Glass

Cindy Glass tells the story of her struggles in life after leaving an abusive and controlling marriage, and how she was led to meet with Spirit Guides, channelled through the mediumship of Theresa Walstra.

The first encounter is one filled with anxiety, but in time the relationship grows as they gently lead her towards her destiny and encourage her to find the strength she needs to make profound changes that will affect her life and the lives of others.

This is a true story using actual extracts from private consultations between Cindy and the Guides. It documents the events in Cindy’s life, showing how closer encounters with Spirit Guides can help to provide a better understanding of the earthly life and the choices that we make.

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Foreword from the book

‘Writing’ a book with Cindy and my Spirit Guides, with me as the ‘typist’ for the Guides, has proven to be a remarkable and fascinating experience. Know­ledge that I can’t possibly have suddenly flows from my fingertips as I type, and when I read it all again later, I wonder where the information came from – it seems completely new to me. 

Although I was ‘present’ at all of the private consultations with Cindy and I heard what was being said, I don’t have much recollection of it. My emotional system was used to ‘feel’ what Cindy was going through and I probably cried while some of the information was coming through. While the difficulties with her having just left an abusive marriage seemed quite clear, her actual experiences were unknown to me.

So reading through what Cindy had written about what was happen­­­­ing in her life was a first for me. The experience of being able to connect the dots of information and understand the guidance that was being given through me as a channel was life-changing. I am in awe of the process and methods used by the Guides to nudge us in the right direction.

I have always admired Cindy and she has become a friend in so many ways. I can honestly say that I don’t believe I would have been able to endure the challenges that Cindy had to face and make the life-changing choices that she made. Those choices took the most remarkable strength and I take my hat off to her.

In Cindy’s case, and in the case of many other clients whose life stories I come to know about, following the advice that the Guides give leads to powerful shifts and, in time, to the most unexpected lessons. These lessons can take clients to different places, and they almost always lead to new encounters with a variety of people. In addition, those who follow the Guides’ advice tend to experience life in ways that they could not have imagined before. 

I am in awe of the way the Guides communicate with people, connect­ing in the very first sentence of each reading to what is relevant to the person in their lives at that particular time.

This book consists of three components that have been inter­woven: 

Cindy tells her personal story of abuse, loss, change, healing and transformation. She gives an account of how she worked with the Guides – those whom I channel through my work, as well as her own Spirit Guides and Helpers – to help her transform her life.

Spirit Speaks are the actual messages given to Cindy by the Guides during her readings. Each reading was recorded, giving her the oppor­tunity to revisit them to write this book. These readings had a profound impact on the choices and decisions she made during her journey.

Note from the Spirit Guides was channelled separately and only once the first two parts had been recorded. During these channellings, the Spirit Guides who were present during each of Cindy’s readings explain in detail why they said what they did during their channelled encounters with her. They share incredible insights into how Guides connect and work with individuals on the Earth plane.

Anyone who has ever worked with a spirit medium, or who wishes to do so, will benefit greatly from the knowledge that is shared in this book. No matter what is happening in your life, you are never alone. 

May your journey with your Spirit Guides be blessed with the gentle guidance and loving help that you need to navigate the obstacles and challenges along your journey on this Earth plane – as mine has been – inspiring you to follow the path that will guide you to a powerful place of peace and unconditional love. ~ Theresa Walstra



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