Messenger in the Mirror

Ask the right questions and listen to the unique messages each relationship is telling you about yourself. Our relationships are a mirror and hold the key to our happiness and growth.


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Dyan Belonje

Dyan Belonje

Dyan is an integrative healer and counsellor offering a variety of modalities to help promote the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of her clients.
With a longstanding background in the medical industry as a medical technologist doing project and laboratory management, and then pharmaceutical sales, her interest in metaphysics began in 1988 after a near-death experience.

Vibrational healing is her passion, which includes aligning mind, body and spirit to the rhythm of life as a means to a joyful and calm way of being. She does this using reflexology, sound healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, massage, aromatherapy, counselling and yoga.

Dyan believes that science and spirituality are intertwined. Everything forms vibrational patterns and the key for us is to find our unique note – our inner harmony. She assists her clients to harmonize their flow to a note of joy and to live their lives ‘on purpose’.

Dyan runs her healing practice in Cape Town, South Africa.

Improve your relationships. Take back your power by understanding the patterns and pay-offs in your key relationships.

In this unique and important book, Dyan Belonje explores the challenging and often painful relationships we have with others. By introducing us to some of the early influences that have helped shape our lives, she encourages us to look within and observe our own patterns and behaviour so that we are better able to understand how we set ourselves up, what our pay-offs are, and why we attract the relationships we do.

In ‘Messenger in the Mirror’, she shows us how each person we meet is a mirror, reflecting back a unique message to us about who we are. Recognising these messages is the key to personal growth and our ability to take back our power and start living with greater wisdom, happiness and authenticity. Each time we recognise a message and act on it, we improve and heal our relationships with significant others, but the most important relationship of all – our relationship with ourselves.

“Can you say that your relationship brings you joy and supports your
self-worth? If not, it is time to make some big changes!”

“One of the biggest mistakes we continue to make is thinking that someone
will change and become what we want them to be because we are now in a
relationship with them.”

“If we do not give ourselves the space to get to know ourselves again, we will fill
the gap with exactly the same type of person we had before. They may have a
different face and wear different clothes, but their message will be the same.”

“Your ultimate purpose is to know yourself and to be yourself.
Your presence is your gift to others.”


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