The Forest

Imagine you were hypnotised back to a previous life, only to discover you were murdered and now had the opportunity of finding your killer.

‘The Forest’ is a story of a woman consumed by anxiety and an unexplained fear of death. She consults a psychologist, Jack Stone, who attempts to solve her problem using regressive hypnotherapy. The regressive hypnotherapy sessions allow Sarah to recall her past life experiences, discovering that she was murdered in her most recent lifetime. Solving the murder ultimately frees Sarah from her nightmares and triggers the start of a romance. A gripping story of Sarah Portman’s phobias and nightmares and her journey with psychologist, Jack Stone.


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About The Author

Michéle Rout

Sarah Portman’s lifelong perplexing phobias and nightmares prompt her to eventually seek the help of handsome psychologist, Jack Stone. Not being able to identify the cause, he uses regressive hypnotherapy in an attempt to unlock hidden memories that may be causing her problems.

They are both unprepared for what happens next as Sarah is taken back to previous lifetimes, where she finally remembers her own brutal rape and murder. What other memories does Sarah hold which will unlock the mystery and find the perpetrator?

And what secrets are revealed about the connection Sarah and Jack share spanning many lifetimes?




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