Rooted – Stories of Land and Dislocation

Love, Desire, Moral Force, Failure, Courage and Mortality.
These fundamental human realities burn at the heart of this extraordinary collection. The various short stories explore harsh and frequently degrading interface between the rural and urban experiences.


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About The Author

David Robbins

David Robbins has received numerous awards for his writing, beginning with a CNA Literary Award in 1986 and culminating twenty-four years later with a Lifetime Achievement Literary Award supported by the South African Department of Arts and Culture.

He is widely regarded as a writer of significant insight and ability. He began publishing in 1985. His books include travel and short fiction, as well as some biography, history and socio-political analysis.

‘Rooted’ contains a collection of short stories by South African writer David Robbins. The characters depicted are mid-20th century Afrikaners caught in the often-brutal processes of urbanisation; but their situations will remain universal for as long as people are compelled by socio-economic circumstances to move from countryside to city.

‘Rooted’ will appeal to readers with an interest in beautifully rendered pieces in the short-story genre. The theme of urbanisation continues to dominate the world of the 21st century. In that sense the stories retain their topicality while at the same time providing an intimate look at specific historical realities.

Afrikaner urbanisation was a theme, admits the author in his introduction that set fire to his imagination when he was young.


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