New book aims to bring meditation into the workplace

If you thought that meditation was too ‘woo-woo’, time-consuming or difficult to do, think again. Meditation for Business by Hansika Metha demystifies the practice by including plenty of solid research in the book and sharing examples of top global CEOs who meditate. Think Raymond Thomas Dalio, Jeff Weiner, Marc Benioff, Arianna Huffington, Vishen Lakhiani, Bill Gates, Padmasree Warrior, Bill George, the late Steve Jobs – the list goes on.

Meditation is growing among CEOs and senior executives because it seems there’s something to the practice that benefits CEOs more than recreation or relaxation alone. In fact, some large and well-known global companies – including Google, Facebook and Apple – have started introducing meditation and mindfulness into their businesses to reduce stress and improve work-life quality.

‘Calmness is the cradle of power.’
— Josiah Gilbert Holland

This beautiful, illustrated step-by-step guide guides you through more than 60 techniques to release stress and anxiety, improve problem-solving, and enhance listening skills and interpersonal relationships. Whether you have just 5 minutes to spare or 60, you can choose an exercise that fits your schedule and desired outcome.

Each exercise is rated (easy, medium, advanced) and gives the recommended time needed to practice them (yes, some really are as short as 5 minutes). Also provided is what each exercise can do for you, for instance: increase energy, focus and concentration; release negative emotions; solve problems and access creative states; access your intuition; release fear and anxiety; and more). Now, who doesn’t want to improve the quality of their work life?

There’s even a chapter on introducing a meditation programme into the workplace. Cool.

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Image © Milada Vigerova (Pixabay)