Ian Michler & Ian McCallum launch Living in Two Worlds


After four-months and an epic 5 000 km non-motorised journey – walking, kayaking, and cycling – through six African countries, Ian Michler and Dr Ian McCallum wrote ‘Living in Two Worlds – Addressing Humanity’s Greatest Challenge’.

The book poses questions relevant to all human beings. They are questions that highlight the greatest ecological challenges of our time and will determine the fate of our existence on Earth.

What is it going to take to question our current values, lifestyles, beliefs, perspectives and understanding of a biosphere in which we co-exist with all living things … that the wild animals in the world are in our blood and in our psyche… that we need them more than they need us? Who and what would we be without them?”

Living in Two Worlds is one of Exclusive Books’ featured books of the month for February. Published by Quickfox Publishing, the book aims to stimulate dialogue and pro-active action around issues of conservation, sustainability, biodiversity and climate change. It is philosophical and factual, poetic and honest. It reminds us that we hold the power – each decision we make takes us towards the saving of our world, or away from it. It calls on us to reach deep and assess our own relationship with the world in which we live, and the creatures large and small with whom we share it. We are all one.

Watch the authors on SABC2 Morning Live on Sunday 5th February from 7:35 am to 7:50 am.

Read The Daily Maverick’s article here, with an excerpt from the book. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2022-11-16-living-in-two-worlds-addressing-humanitys-greatest-challenge/

This book is for anyone with an interest in sustainability, environmental protection, wildlife and the future of humanity. Support South African authors and independent publishing by purchasing a copy here: https://publisher.co.za/product/living-in-two-worlds-addressing-humanitys-greatest-challenge/