Redemption: The Advent

Review by Tina Soetzenberg

Author: Kimon Alexander

Two beings. One Body. And a critical mission to save the world.

The Valdors, ethereal beings from a parallel dimension, have guarded the development of consciousness since the beginning of time. Humanity’s greed and fanaticism have derailed progression towards spiritual evolution, and the Valdor Council has earmarked Sol III (Earth) for annihilation. In one final effort, Balthazar is sent to Earth to redeem Humanity. When Bal connects with the mind of James Baxter, a seasoned police investigator, he must convince him to assist with his mission. Bal and Baxter have to share the same body. Using human effort and Valdor mental power, they combat a drug lord who has hijacked a mind-controlling microchip, and an Islamic extremist who plans to rule the world. Embarking on an adventure of intrigue and ruthlessness, Bal and Baxter’s journey exposes the weaknesses and triumphs of the human character as they struggle for Humanity’s redemption.

* * *

REVIEW – After reading countless fantasy and contemporary Young Adult books for months, I knew going into Redemption would be something to adapt to. Yes, it’s fantasy but definitely not Young Adult. I’ve been trying to get into the older genres and felt like Redemption would be a refreshing start, and was pleasantly surprised to be enthralled by this story. I found the concept unique, which is something from a fantasy lover like myself. Even though I found the fantasy part of this book to be much more subtle than my previous reads. The true genres behind this book are crime solving, action and a hint of drama. Genres I’m not usually prone to read but I found this story entertaining enough to pique my interest.

Even though I felt like the book was an easy read that could hold my attention, I did have a few issues. I wasn’t initially into the way the book was set up. Each chapter was long and usually different characters would be introduced over quite a few pages. An entire characters history would be explained within the first few chapters. I would have preferred to read about them gradually over time but I could see why the author decided to take this approach. The rest of the story focused on the plot with formalities out of the way, something I can appreciate. I also wasn’t a fan of the way women were referred to but I think this was partially due to my Young Adult mind. This is the crime world, it’s dark and twisted. Kimon accurately depicted her bad guys as just that, bad.

The writing was beautifully scripted to flow without too much added details that would have flown off the point. I am starting to become a huge fan of authors like Kimon or Marie Lu that write to get to the point instead of explaining every detail in the room like Sarah J. Maas or Melissa Meyer tend to do. Redemption was filled with grit, accurately fitting into the theme. I would have liked a slower ending and a faster beginning but I was really satisfied once the last page was turned. Its definitely made me want to try more books in this genre range, which is an accomplishment in some ways.

Drug Lords, extremist trying to destroy the world with a hint of fantasy for those of us that can’t go without it. Redemption is gritty, brutal and an easy read for the rainy days ahead.

Book given by Quickfox Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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