Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

Zimbabwe is a beautiful and diverse country. Its name means “Houses of Stone”, which is apt considering that the country boasts many internationally-renowned sculptors.

This is a story of how the unique art form Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture was born and has come to be world-renowned. Features 15 well-known Zimbabwean artists and their works, the stone sculpture process, and the different types of stone used. The text is illustrated with beautiful photographs.


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Stone Dynamics Gallery

About The Author

Stuart Danks

Stuart Danks

Stuart Danks was born in 1962 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and holds a BA degree in Geography and Archeology from UCT, South Africa.

Stuart developed his aesthetic appreciation from his late mother, Jean Danks, an artist herself, who served as Chairperson of the Rhodesian Society of Arts in 1975 and Keeper of the Bulawayo National Gallery from 1975 to 1978. As a boy, he often helped her set up exhibitions and she nurtured his enthusiasm for and love of art. He established the Stone Dynamics Gallery in 1986 to provide a much needed platform for younger artists to expose their work. The gallery is now internationally recognized as the incubator for many successful and talented sculptors. He has played a huge role in keeping the Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture art form alive and thriving and has enabled the artists to promote and sell their work whilst continuing to express themselves.

Stuart lives in Victoria Falls with his wife, Sue, who shares his love for African art and wildlife. He is also a qualified Professional Safari Guide in Zimbabwe and an enthusiastic amateur photographer.

African artists have, over the years, had to overcome incredible hardships – including war and poverty – to survive, create and sell their work. This is especially true of those artists based in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful and diverse country. Its name means “Houses of Stone”, which is apt considering that the country boasts many internationally-renowned sculptors.

For sculptors, it is a land that enjoys rich natural resources, such as stone that can be transformed, under the hands of creative geniuses, into sculptures that are beautiful, immense and potent in their meaning and heritage.

This beautiful full-color coffee-table book celebrates Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture – those who create it and those who honour it.

Join author Stuart Danks, founder of Stone Dynamics Gallery in 1986, on a journey through the fascinating history of this unique art form and its relevance today.

  • Learn about the process whereby a piece of stone is manually mined with great labour and then transported great distances to be skillfully and lovingly carved into a magnificent piece of art.
  • Find out about the various types of stone that the artists use to express themselves.
  • Discover the influence African art has had on Western art.
  • Read about the artists who create the sculpture that continues to fascinate the world, and view some of their memorable pieces.
  • Pore over the superb photography that gives insight into the resplendent art form that is Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture.



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