Timeless Family Food Journal

The Timeless Family Food Journal is a must for anyone who is inspired by family traditions and family longevity.

This interactive food journal is filled with delicious recipes, nutritional information, clever tips and tricks, as well as ideas on how to enjoy quality time together as a family.
It gives you the opportunity to record your special family traditions and precious memories in one place, ensuring that they get passed on and remembered.
Most importantly, you can make this journal unique to your family, as there is ample space to write down your own personal recipes, stick in memorable photographs, and document secret ingredients for recipes that you may want to pass on.


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About The Author

Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips is a qualified chef and a member of the South African Chefs Association. She has over 15 years experience as a chef and has owned her own restaurant. Food and families are her passion.

It is this passion that led her to start the Little Cooks Club in 2005. Little Cooks has grown significantly and now has 16 successful franchises nationwide, ranking as the No. 1 children's cooking school in the country.

Christine was in the top ten of the Standard Bank Mompreneaur Awards in 2006, and has featured in various magazines, appeared on Top Billing, SABC Espresso, and is a regular on Great Expectations on eTV.

The Timeless Family Food Journal is a conceptual recipe book intended to be given to children from someone special. There is place to paste a photo of the child on the front cover. The book not only contains recipes for all ages and stages of life, but nutritional information and advice, tips and tricks for the kitchen, and family life and pictures and notes. Throughout the journal there is space to paste photos of your child’s stages. For example My first Solids Meal and Dad and I Cooking Together; also little notes such as Mom’s favourite Christmas recipe, a Painting of my Family and My Handprint, etc. At the end of each chapter there is space to write in your own recipes and notes.

But the book contains much more than just food recipes. There are recipes to make home-made paint, soaps, fizzy sherbet, edible Christmas gifts and decorations, cooked play dough, and much more.

This book will encourage you to spend quality time with your family and to document the family traditions you create together.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – The importance of good nutrition
Chapter 2 – Baby food
Chapter 3 – Breakfast
Chapter 4 – Snacks & lunch box ideas
Chapter 5 – Easy weeknight dinners
Chapter 6 – Dinner with family & friends
Chapter 7 – Easy baking and desserts
Chapter 8 – Camping & braai food
Chapter 9 – Feeding sick children & sore tummies
Chapter 10 – Fun quality time activities
Chapter 11 – Holiday specific meals
Chapter 12 – Weekend cooking & planning
Chapter 13 – Cupboard must-haves & what you can make with them
Chapter 14 – Tips, tricks & templates



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