The Ground’s Ear

The result of the Quickfox Publishing 2011 Poetry Competition, this anthology features more than a hundred perspectives in verse with a uniquely African voice. A must-read for all lovers of verse.


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The Ground’s Ear – Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa, is an anthology comprised of more than a hundred perspectives in verse, from aspiring to professional and award-winning writers, from young to very old, and from a truly eclectic selection of Southern Africans.

Spearheaded by QuickFox Publishing, this title is the culmination of a nationally-supported poetry competition proudly sponsored by The Distell Foundation, the National Library’s Centre For The Book, and MegaDigital.

There is much to be said about keeping one’s ear to the ground. And this anthology of ideas – The Ground’s Ear – says it.  With and without messages being cloaked in trope, this compilation of Southern African perspectives covers a wide range of current concerns. One relevant topic, easily related to, and readily associated with poetry, is of course about love and relationships. But this subject on its own is a small – and by no means exact – reflection of the many other issues subject to  Southern African contemplation. People of the South, in awe of nature, enjoy depicting drumbeats and duikers;  they are commendably speaking out, in writing about – whilst empathising with – those who go without shoes, who sniff glue, who are broken from emotional, sexual, and physical abuse; these same contemporary commentators – from enlightened young to reverie-old, and from beginners to award-winners – are also protesting with pens against complicit injustices and evil ends…Opus in-complète, this book of verse is for anyone who knows that Africa is in their blood.

(Frederick De Jager, 1972–)

*Also available in hardcover

For a full list of poems, competition winners, and judges’ biographies, visit and Poetry Competition Results or Selection Committee.



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