The Ear of the Hippo

A collection of engaging short stories that perfectly capture the spirit of Southern Africa, each ending with a delightful twist. A wonderfully written must-read by John Dendy Young.


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About The Author

John Dendy Young

Enter the entertaining world of animals, flying, love, greed, the bush war, wine-making, tattoos, life and death. These tales of deception and intrigue all have one thing in common – an unexpected twist.

Perfectly capturing the spirit of southern Africa, John Dendy Young will transport you from the bush and farms of Zimbabwe and the Congo, right down to the winelands and townships of Cape Town. This is a fast-paced book of engaging and superbly written short stories that are very Roald Dahl in style. It’s the perfect book for dipping into whenever the mood strikes or you have a moment to spare, and it makes a great travel companion, too!


Forward to the book

This book has a real, raw edge. Because …

I’ve seen babies born.
I’ve seen men and women killed.
I’ve hunted buffalo.
I’ve been in the army; I’ve learned to fly.
I’ve hacked a farm out of virgin bush.
I’ve watched people get sick, grow old and die.
I’ve lost enormous amounts of money, made a little back.
I’ve planted grapes and made wine.
I’ve seen or been party to thousands of little cameos …
Laughter, surprise, shock and sadness. Love, life and lust.



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