The Dream Interpreter

An interesting novel which tells the story of a boy who has insightful dreams which lead him on a path of success. The dreams are, however, vague and figurative which has him relying on his friend Paul to decode them for him.


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About The Author

Weziwe Duma

Michael has a persistent dream that disrupts his sleep at night. At school he notices how well his classmate, Paul does in poetry and novels when it comes to interpreting figurative speech. He asks his classmate Paul for his opinion regarding his disturbing and recurring dream. From Paul’s interpretation he learns that the dream is a prediction of his future. When the dream comes true, Michael has to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and try to piece them together again.

When he is older, more such dreams plague his sleep and Michael continues relying on Paul to interpret them for him. Then one day when Michael discovers that he can no longer rely on Paul, he has to find alternatives. His life slows to a grinding halt while trying to find answers for his recurring dreams that also have health consequences when they are not interpreted.



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