The Customer-Centric Blueprint – Building and Leading the 21st Century Organisation

“This book is a necessary read for any firm that is determined to implement customer-centricity, not just pay it lip service.”


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Doug Leather

Our world is undergoing rapid transformation. In this tide of change and upheaval, customers are stepping into their power and making demands the likes of which have never been seen before. Building sustainable competitive advantage and leading a superior 21st century organisation requires a new approach – placing your customer at the heart of everything you do, implementing a customer-centric business model and boldly leading your organisation through the transformational journey required.

Using the REAP Customer-Centric Organisation Blueprint® as an architecture, this book explores all the interconnected components of a truly customer-centric business model and how you can apply its principles practically and with tangibly significant business results. It will support you to strategize, plan and operationalize the future in order to create, deliver and capture value, whilst delivering sustainable, superior business performance.

“As more companies seek to become increasingly customer-centric and make customer management an integral part of ‘business as usual’, they seek sources of insight, lessons from others, practical examples and applications of how leading organisations have overcome similar challenges. Mostly they seek guidance on how to approach this daunting task, what questions to ask and where to start. This book will supply such insights and guidance as they continue on their customer-centric journey.”
– Ica van Eeden – Chief Customer Officer, Sun International

“Like most of the English language just about everything has been turned into a bandwagon. ‘Customer-centricity’ is just such coinage but Doug has smartly sidestepped being just another book on the topic and created THE reference work – the guidebook for anyone wanting to understand, master and get after it. And it’s a great read.” 
– John Caswell, Founder and CEO of Group Partners

“Most business leaders say they want to be customer-centric. Yet if you ask 10 people to describe what that means, you’ll get 15 different answers. In ‘The Customer-Centric Blueprint,’ Doug Leather gives sage advice regarding what business leaders must do to translate customer-centric rhetoric into business success. Two thumbs up!” 
– Bob Thompson, Founder and CEO of Customer Think Corp.





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