Stellenbosch is where people meet in bustling pavement cafes, browse in interesting galleries and bookshops or simply soak up the surrounding natural beauty. Importantly, it is also the heart of one of the most successful wine-growing regions in the world, and wine is its lifeblood.


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Di Burger

Jeremy Browne

Stellenbosch is steeped in South African history and tradition. Echoes of the past reverberate through every facet of the beautiful Winelands town, from the ubiquitous and carefully preserved architecture that characterizes it to its many fascinating museums and galleries. The title is filled with photography by Jeremy Browne and written by Di Burger. More than 60 legendary Wine Estates are featured, a host of fabulous accommodation places and fine dining restaurants, intriguing little shops in the centre of town, the full gamut of Stellenbosch’s numerous art galleries, including the Rupert Museum, the University- and the SMAC Galleries – and well over 15 pages of local artists, and local personalities, who live in the area and who have had national and international success with their art. The includes a section on the history of the region – from the time that Simon van der Stel first came across this cattle outpost and decided to establish what is now the second oldest town in the Cape (after Cape Town) – leading up to the present day and with changes that have occurred during recent years. The Wine, the Art and the Culture – it is all beautifully presented, in a rich composite of this incredibly eco-conscious and warm hearted corner of the South African Winelands.



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