Selective Hearing

Funny, obsessive, and completely mad, you won’t be able to help falling in love with Stan and his long-suffering family as you accompany them on a journey that will have you laughing until your sides hurt while once more reaffirming the true value of family.


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Cover Illustrators:

Alex van Houwelingen and David Edwards

Published By:

Quickfox Publishing

About The Author

Lori-Ann Preston

Lori-Ann Preston

Lori-Ann Preston is an award-winning author who lives in East London. She holds a BEd Honours degree from the University of South Africa and spent 20 years as an educator.

Lori-Ann tends to not take herself too seriously and loves spending time with her family and friends (preferably around a braai).

Children's Books written by Lori-Ann are:
The Ama-Zings;
Thabo, The Space Dude - Log book 1: Last days on Earth;
Thabo, The Space Dude - Log Book 2: Destination Mars;
Trixie - The Mischief-Maker;
Khanya and the Cockroach.

Selective Hearing is her first foray into adult literature.

Stan is a straight-shooter. Like it or not, he knows the way the world should be run. He loves his home, his family and life’s simple pleasures: A beer, music, his beloved pool and his wife’s boobs. Not necessarily in that order.

Stan may be a stickler for order, but chaos follows him at every turn, in both his home and his family-run business, Selective Hearing Aids. Heaven help anyone who messes with his lot in life: They may find rotten garbage dumped on their doorstep or a gun put to their head.

“If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow.” ‒ anon




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