Secrets of the Diet Codes

Escape from food of mass destruction and discover diet common sense. The book speaks about the true diet humans should live by.


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Dr Marius Theron

‘Secrets of the Diet Codes’ unveils the true diet humans should follow. These secrets have eluded us for decades, yet lie hidden in the chemistry of our metabolism and anatomy. With the ever-increasing emphasis on technology, diets have become more complicated and unhealthy. Our digestive systems have been exposed to other feeding standards for eons and have acquired their own sense of what we should eat. It should be our mission to work that out. We have done so for many other species; one would expect to find the same standard of excellence to be applied to humans. But the search to find this elusive diet is clouded by a resistance as though its arrival will sound the bell for many unsubstantiated common practices and economical conflicts of interest.

The secrets are revealed by exploring human biochemical behaviour and the effects certain nutrient packs have on our health status. The diet codes are messages discovered in the journey through human dietary history. From Palaeolithic evidence to the Sumerian dynasty, to the most recent research and statistical data available. These messages emanate from our own anatomy and physiology, from the food we eat, entrench economics, the diseases we suffer, social behaviour, recreational and environmental domains. Each code injects its own messages about a healthy diet for humans, leaving no room for assumptions where proper science dictates otherwise.



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