Reflection On Love

Using photographs and short reflections, this book encourages us to examine our deepest selves, and in so doing, find that healing ourselves through Love heals all relationships, and the world.


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Julie Stacey

We experience our lives as controlled by others or by circumstance: we are shackled by our worldview and perception. It is however largely our beliefs about ourselves and others that filter ‘reality’. The oneness of life means that changing our behaviour cannot but have broader effects, beyond those we see. Whether tackling a personal problem, trying to solve a business issue, or striving to address the global sustainability crises of ecological devastation and vast socioeconomic inequality, the first place that we need to make a real change, is within ourselves.

Life – our reality – is about the relationships that we have with ourselves, with other people, and with our natural and material world. Increasingly, modern life immerses us in superficial wants, leaving our deeper, genuine needs unmet. We crave more, image overriding substance. This book returns us to our substantial selves. If Love drives our relationship with ourselves, with other people, and with our world, then life is unconditionally uplifted. In this way, Love is everything in life.

Love must be one of the most written about and least understood concepts in human history. We try to capture it in words, images and music. One of the difficulties in pinning down Love is its many faces and forms. You can Love chocolate cake, and Love your spouse. Love has been romanticised, dramatised, eulogised and deified. It has also been confused with other, less noble feelings and intentions. What is often touted as Love in today’s media is infatuation, lust, desperation, fear, loneliness, and a willingness to settle for less than what Love truly is.

Using photographs and short reflections, this book is a perspective on the experience of the Love that genuinely surpasses all other motivations; that lasts beyond life itself; that is real; is more about consciousness than feelings; that guides every decision and choice. Participating in Love as it really is allows us to control what is ours, releasing all that is not. This unleashes a life-force within us that is the power that changes our lives, and our world.


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