Rainbow’s End – A Novel of a South African Collapse

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, has descended into anarchy. It is now a wasteland inhabited by small bands of desperate and ruthless people. How did this happen? And what lies in the future?

Although the book is fiction, there is no guarantee that what is described cannot happen.


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About The Author

Jake Van Der Wilden

This novel is about the journey of an ordinary South African caught up in the collapse of modern South Africa. Sitting on a hillside above a ruined Johannesburg, he is forced to make a choice – to go back to the pioneer spirit of the past, or to end his life alone amid the wreckage. He chooses the former, knowing that to survive he would, quite literally, have to start again from scratch; ‘going back’ to where South Africa was some 350 years ago.
He builds a primitive cart and embarks on a journey, not only to try to reach Durban where friends may have survived, but also to apply his mind, within the limits of his knowledge, education and background, to the circumstances that had brought him – and his country – unwittingly into this catastrophe.