Purposeful Parenting

A practical and insightful how-to guide for navigating parenting in the modern age and how we can be better parents by following God’s example.


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About The Author

Jaci Muc-gavin

Raising children probably ranks as one of the most challenging, daunting tasks you’ve ever attempted. It is not only unending physical hard work, but it can leave parents who are wanting to get it right totally confused as to what the right thing is. So, why do we do it? If you think parenting is too big a job for you, or if you think parenting is too small a job for you, then this book is for you.

In ‘Purposeful Parenting’, author Jaci Mun-Gavin unlocks the reason why parenting should and can be the most impactful and rewarding job of your life and helps you to understand God’s purposes, both in your life as a parent, and in the role of releasing your child into their future. ‘Purposeful Parenting’ gives an inside view into the life of a mum with young children, and while sharing some funny mistakes and challenging moments, brings hope and inspiration, as to how we can be better parents by following God’s example.

“A brilliant and quick read. So life-giving and practical. Get it!” – Julie Williams, Mom of three.


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