Proven Methods of Making Money & Building Wealth

Change your financial destiny! Secrets of the rich revealed. Includes powerful strategies and sought-after information to help you make money AND make it work for you. By Eric & Augustina Boakye.


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About The Author

Augustina Boakye

Augustina has a B Com degree and B Com Honours degree in Economics and Manage­ment from Rhodes University. She also has a Masters degree in Commerce (Economics) from the University of South Africa.

Augustina has about 9 years’ experience in the financial industry. Her skills range from analysing businesses and providing research work on issues in the financial industry, to providing financial education to others. In addition to this, Augustina has been involved in trading stocks and other market instruments for a number of years.

Eric Boakye

Eric holds a B Com Accounting degree and a Post Graduate Accounting degree from Rhodes University. He also has a CA (SA) qualification and a CIA qualification.

With 10 years’ experience in the financial industry, his skills range from auditing different businesses and providing research work for businesses, to setting up and managing Risk Management functions. In addition to this, Eric has a keen interest in the different sectors of the capital market in South Africa.

Make money and build wealth in South Africa – the book every South African should have!
Secrets of the rich revealed!

INVESTMENT. Do you . . .

• work hard to earn money but lack the knowledge of how to make your hard-earned cash work for you to ensure financial success?
• want to invest in South Africa as a foreigner or as a South African living outside the country?
• understand what your hard-earned cash is being invested in and what to benchmark your returns against?


• have great entrepreneurial ideas but lack the knowledge of how to implement them?
• know where to look for finance for your business?

EMPLOYMENT. Do you . . .

• have all the necessary facts and knowledge at hand when it comes to earning money in a profession or job?

GENERAL. Do you . . .

• have an understanding of the power of cash generating structures and how capital can best be created?
• know how cash generating structures can be used by the average person to grow and preserve even the smallest of capital?
• know how best to protect and distribute capital to legally pay limited amounts of tax and leave something for your heirs?

Proven Methods of Making Money & Building Wealth in South Africa is an eye-opening and must-read book written to enlighten you on the financial world in which we live and reveal the secrets of building wealth that are generally known only to the rich.

Written for both novices and the financially astute, the powerful strategies and sought-after insight offered by Eric and Augustina, who are well versed in the area of finance, could help you substantially change your financial destiny to ensure true and lasting financial success, supporting their long-term vision of helping to create a new generation of financially successful South Africans.


What others have to say:

“The book is well structured and anyone who reads it will find it beneficial.”
~ Bruce Cameron, Personal Finance Magazine, 2011

“The consensus is that it is a solid book that forms a very useful reference point for financial management.”
~ Anthony Farr, CEO, Allan Gray Foundation

“The financial world can be like a land mine. One mis-step and you could literally be paying for the rest of your life. This book provides you with valuable advice on what steps to take in order to avoid this. It is a book for everybody, easy to read and the writer’s own life experiences make for an interesting read. As a Medical Doctor with no commerce background, I can now watch the financial news with understanding. If you are a parent and want to invest in your children’s future, buy them this book, also read it yourself and let those you care about read it. It will benefit every South African who makes time to read it!”
~ Dr. Peter Asafo, General Practitioner: Uitenhage, Eastern Cape

“I met recently with Eric Boakye, who has co-authored Proven Methods of Making Money & Building Wealth in South Africa. The book’s purpose is financial literacy education and I think it does a good job based on my initial skim read of it.I have asked Eric to propose to ASISA how he would see a partnership working.”
~ Terence Berry, CEO: ASISA Academy

“This book is a good manual to provide a head start and a financial know-how in wealth generation for a layman. It is based on facts, hence practical and not fictional unlike many other self-help books that have flooded our shelves. The book recommends down to earth, readily available tools for acquiring prosperity and securing posterity. Proven methods of making money and building wealth in South Africa is a book I will recommend for people of all ages!”
~ Dr. Seun Oyek, University Lecturer: Cape Peninsula University

“This is an impressive piece of work! This is what our country need – I really wish I could get a copy for all my friends and family. The book displays what the world of finance is about and gives one the ammunition to move forward and take charge of their finances. I think the benefits derived from the book are great and for me it is hugely underpriced at R195.00.”
~ Mr. Patrick Oti, Third Year University Student

“Finally, a book that has demystified the hidden knowledge of the financial world that has been used against the uninformed public. This book not only makes the non-financial public better informed to make better financial decisions but also to ask more intelligent questions of those who act on their behalf.”
~ Duke Gumede, Project Manager: Housing Directorate, Cape Town



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