Poetry for Napatro – I Am the Music You Called Noise

In this compilation of thought-provoking poems, Nkadimang avoids sickly-sweet-sounding rhymes and other tired, stylistic conventions, which are typically expected of poetry. This is how Nkadimang, as explained in his words, “gives thought and feeling a kind of ‘space’; a space that is void of mechanics and deliberate social engineering”.

Albeit that Nkadimang gives a kind of freedom to his verse, this is not to say that the ideas, perspectives, and lessons therein run riot. Far from it. He uses a free form of poetic expression, which is easy to relate to, in order to conscientise the youth of today with regard to their modern environment, which is abundant with rights – but not without responsibilities.


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About The Author

Solomon Nkadimang

“I am the music you called noise”, Solomon Nkadimang writes – and so begins this collection of free verse. This statement is clearly defiant, but as the verse develops it becomes evident that this verse is also educational; people need to caution themselves about judging others prematurely from a position that lacks understanding. This theme runs throughout ‘Poetry for Napatro’, which is in a way a collection of lessons for those who are willing to learn how to look critically at themselves first, before pointing fingers at others. Through an ever-present, mindful understanding of human nature, the poetic stories and subjects relayed cover issues relating to love and relationships, respect for one’s heritage, respect for other nations, how to deal with money, and how to make your voice heard through public mediums of expression; through poetry, for instance, as it ought to be recited aloud – for the sake of speaking out – whether in protest or support.