Motherless Son of South Africa

An autobiography that takes the reader from the author’s early days as a farmer in KwaZulu-Natal to his latter days as a taxi driver in Cape Town, as well as his radical plan to save South Africa from an inefficient top-heavy government.


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About The Author

Errol Crocker

‘Motherless Son of South Africa’ is Errol Crocker’s life story.

Driven by remarkable passion, strong conviction, and a belief in his dreams, farmer-turned-taxi driver, Errol, has shown unrelenting commitment to his cause. This has been both his strength and at times his undoing.

The reader is taken from Errol’s humble beginnings on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal to his rise in popularity, and his fall into bankruptcy and divorce. He has not spared himself in telling the story of his early farming days and the errors he has made. It is also an exposé of his personal relationships – from losing his wife to the local doctor and then himself having an ­intimate relationship with a doctor’s wife.

Errol has developed a unique perspective. He believes that the present govern­ment has failed its people through political top-heavi­ness and in­efficiency. This view stems from his involvement with the most overlooked and poverty-stricken people of South Africa, and the state of deterioration that he sees around him daily.

His solution to the problem: to follow the European example and divide South Africa into four self-governing countries. This division would be based on the respective and predominant cultures within those regions.

Errol lets you see South Africa through the eyes of a man who has come to know her from the ground up.



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