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Intrigued by the question, “how do you prepare a leader for a path that he will travel but once?” Coen Bester set out on a discovery journey to find a credible solution to this challenge. Inspired by the power and elegance of the modern day GPS, he came up with the human equivalent of a GPS – the Personal Guidance System, or PGS.



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Coen Bester

The author, Coen Bester takes the reader along a fascinating journey of self-discovery as he puts the device together in true engineering fashion. He makes a starling and convincing conclusion that this mental model is not only applicable on the level of the individual, but also to the organization as a whole and that it provides a powerful framework for the strategic management of the organization. The implication on leadership is profound, and he shows how the true power of the PGS comes alive in the hands of a leader who grasps the concept. We believe that it is incredibly hard to reach your full potential as a leader unless you find harmony between who you are as a person, and who you project to be as a leader.

Live & Lead’ guides you on two, life-changing discovery journeys: the one towards yourself and the other towards those you plan to lead. In the process, it demonstrates the power of a mental model designed to act as a personal and leadership GPS. It uncovers the basic building blocks of such a guidance model and indicates how it may be put to productive use in a variety of leadership challenge. ‘Live & Lead’ serves as guidebook to a number of life-changing workshops available from the BrainWorks team.

“Coen started his first company at a young age and through applying the principles described in this book mentored and nurtured his staff to build a successful company. His approach is practical, implementable and logical. It is all about being positive, doing the right things, living your values and working on your strengths. This book confirms that there is a bright future for anyone who is prepared to learn and be guided.” 
 – Allen Swiegers, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Southern Africa



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