A compelling tale that weaves themes of superstition, religion, tradi­tion, war, racism, broken relationships and betrayal at the height of the apartheid era in South Africa.


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Dr. Steve Harris

Dr. Steve Harris

Dr Steve Harris, holder of a PhD and MBA, lives in Cape Town. He is a successful business man, conference speaker, academic, and CEO of eta College specializing in sport and exercise science qualifications. Steve served as the former mind coach and team manager for South Africa's national Springbok rugby team. He is the winner of Anglo American Corporation's national "Building a Business" contest for entrepreneurs and holds the title of former world champion in surf lifesaving. He is the author of "Mental Toughness: Mastering your Mind". This is his first novel.

South Africa is trapped in a titanic clash between black anger and white fear. A self-righteous government hangs on to power in the name of God and on the pretext of containing communist expansion. Fervent freedom fight­ers try to de­stabilise the government and wrestle power from the white minority.

1950–1976, the golden era of apartheid, provides the context in which an Eastern Cape boy grapples with mean­ing in an environment of superstition, religion, tradi­tion, war, racism, broken relationships and betrayal. November 15, 1976, five months after the ANC-initiated Soweto uprising, and a week after the government-spon­sored massacre in Maseru, a private investigator is the target of a bomb at his premises …

This compelling tale echoes our contemporary world, where morality and justice continue to be corrupted by cultural zealots and religious extremists; love is still blind and betrayal remains omnipresent.

The book is a work of fiction. It is inspired by events that occurred during the specified period and by some of the author’s experiences during that era.




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