Field Guide to Lesser Known Spooks and Magical Beings

This illustrated book is a field guide to all of those magical creatures that may be responsible for odd socks, sand and breadcrumbs in your bed, or any other inexplicable occurrence. Aimed at children – who lose the ability to experience magic as they grow up – this books is equally relevant to adults, especially those that never really grew up at all. Descriptions, illustrations and the habitat of creatures such as Farrier Charitas, Lachrymose Benevolenta and Titbits Arboreal are all covered here.


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About The Author

Janina Pechová

Janina Pechova was born in Prague, the Czech Republic, but has lived for many years in South Africa where she has held numerous sole exhibitions of her artworks. She has also worked in publishing as an art director, freelance illustrator, designer, writer of short stories and educator. She holds a BA degree in modern languages, A BSc in biological sciences and a BA (honours) in visual Arts. Janina has been contributing mainly travel stories to publications such as Habitat magazine, Sunday Times, Business Day Weekender, Diversions magazine and some overseas publications. She has also written and illustrated the very well receive ‘The Little 5’ book, which deals with the little guys rather than the Big 5. She is also a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a US based institution.


“The more I perused this charmingly-illustrated guide to the creatures of Janina’s restless imagination, the more I begin to realise how real and familiar they truly are. You will find them, quirky, helpful, devious and mischievous, in and around every household; certainly, I recognise them all. Janina does these creatures the honour of naming and categorising them, in fine taxonomic style, just as she does us the favour of at last bringing them to light. This is a book that begs to be kept at the bedside, not just for entertainment but for reference. Because these lesser-known spooks and beings, once you have made their splendid acquaintance, will not remain lesser-known for long.”

“This is a field guide with a difference. It will reveal some magical beings to to those who are receptive – both young and old! Each creature is exquisitely illustrated by the author.”
– JENNY HATTON – Educator; editor and author.

“The exquisite, decorative details in the colourful illustrations, capture the delightful humour of each character.”
– ROSALIND STOCKHALL – Award-winning illustrator and art lecturer.



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