Eyes of the Ocean

‘Eyes of the Ocean’ follows the journey of a girl who’s life is turned upside-down. This story is about what you can achieve when you adopt a growth mindset.


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About The Author

Mikhail Jansen

Mikhail is an educational psychologist who has devoted his career towards working with adolescents. He has spent time working in both high school and higher education settings and hopes his writings will be an encouragement to learners of all backgrounds.

Eyes of the Ocean’ is a youth novel in an emerging series, which seeks to engage adolescents on the idea that at some point life will present us all with an unexpected transitional period. Having worked in high schools and higher education institutions for several years, I’ve witnessed various teenagers and young adults struggle through hard times. Some moments are tougher than others but irrespective of their nature, these moments can cause young people to feel helpless. Navigating through these times however, can still be made meaningful when we are willing to open ourselves up to having a growth mindset.

The story follows the footprints of a teenage girl named Istra Burke. Istra is a girl who has everything that she could ever imagine. When a disastrous moment throws her perfect school life into shambles, she attempts to use the school holidays as a time to regather herself with a visit to the seaside. One day, a storm starts to brew in the sea and Istra and her friend Blaise, foolishly get themselves caught in the waves and are swept out to sea. When they awaken, the two friends find themselves caught in a kingdom beneath the ocean and they are desperate to find a way home. With the aid of some new friends, the two teenagers will enter into a journey that will test their nerves, their friendship and even their lives.



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