Embracing Gender Diverse Leadership

The primary target readers for the book include policy-makers and decision-makers in public and private sector organizations, professional women, male and female managers.

The book presents selected case studies of companies that have embraced gender diversity in their leadership and reaped the benefits of improved performance, increased innovation and profitability. It highlights successful approaches used by companies to attract and retain talented women in their leadership teams and boards.
The book paints a picture of the 2030 workplace where gender-diverse leadership teams will be the norm because the global trends will continue to be favourable for the advancement of women to senior leadership positions.


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About The Author

Nozi Mjoli

The book advocates for a change in mindset on gender equality in leadership as a compliance requirement to gender diverse leadership as a business imperative that is crucial for improvement in organizational performance, increased innovation and profitability. The book is not about women as better leaders than men, but it emphasizes the value of diverse perspectives in leadership teams when responding to complex business challenges of the 21st century.

What will the readers benefit from the book?

Understand why gender diverse leadership teams are more innovative than all-male or all-female leadership teams.

  • Appreciation of a business case for gender diversity in top leadership teams and boards of companies.
  • Information on economic opportunities presented by the growing female market and its purchasing power.
  • Women will become more aware of the value of their unique female leadership traits in the globalized business environment.



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