Deadlines from the Edge: Images of War – Congo to Afghanistan

“No journey ever takes you exactly where you want to go, and all travellers one day find themselves in a place they did not expect to be … in searching for the world I ended up all too often getting caught in space that exists between two worlds, worlds as far apart as it is possible to get in this life, connected to each other only by the cold grey curve of the television screen.”


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About The Author

Hamilton Wende

Over the years Hamilton Wende has found himself travelling and working in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. The journeys have been to places outside the developed world where some of the major news events of the turn of the millennium have happened. What links them all is that they are journeys out – away from the centre into the geography of the edge.

In today’s world of instantaneous electronic communications, Wende has come to see that in these travels he has wandered into an extra dimension, a layer of experience that has only become possible with the invention of television. He has come to see that they have been travels into a new province of the human mind, one that exists because of what we see of each other on our television screens.



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