Breaking the Silence on Gender Matters in Church

A book which brings awareness, education and advocacy from the point of view of the church and within, Breaking the Silence on Gender Matters in Church is candid yet diplomatic. Stanley Maphosa speaks his truth with love, giving day-to-day examples of life experiences on this matter.


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Stanley Maphosa

Stanley Maphosa

Stanley Maphosa is the international and national liaison manager of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). His work covers science diplomacy, internationalisation of science, science advice and science communication. He previously worked for twelve years at World Vision International in South Africa and Southern Africa, from grassroots to senior management level. Stanley is studying for a PhD in Social Sciences. He holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, Honours in Development Studies, BA in English and Communication Studies, and a Diploma in Primary Education, all from various universities.

Stanley is the founder, MD and principal investigator of S3R Consulting, established in 2006. S3R Consulting is involved in consulting, training, and coaching, helping churches, NPOs, the private and public sector in strategy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, fundraising, campaigns, community development, leadership training and advocacy. He is the founder, convener and publisher of the Christian Business and Services Directory (CBSD). He serves in the leadership team at Rhema North Bible Church’s Western District.

He is an author, a recording artist, a former journalism lecturer and former producer and presenter of Christian youth programmes with Trans World Radio. He is also the founder member and former public relations director of All Believers in Christ Ministries. In ministry he has worked as a church leader and pastor since 1987 at the African Gospel Church, the Gospel Assembly Church, Glad Tidings Fellowship and Watchmen Ministry. He is president of the All Believers in Christ Fellowship of Ministers and Individuals (ABC-FMI).

Stanley is married to Soneni and they are blessed with two children, Shekinah Mayibongwe (23) and Rejoice Nozuko (20).

In his book Breaking the Silence on Gender Matters in Church, Stanley Maphosa addresses gender equality from a Biblical viewpoint.

The purpose of this book is to serve churches by addressing difficult issues that can prevent women and girls from experiencing ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10). Some of these issues are related to harmful gender related perceptions, attitudes, and actions. This book addresses the spiritual empowerment of women. It discusses what has been done, why, and how it has been done. The book also looks at what has not been done and makes suggestions about what should be done. The Christian response to gender matters should be grounded in and motivated by the word of God. As followers of Christ we are God’s representatives (WHO we are) and we respond to God’s calling on us as His children (WHAT we are called to do). This book is a guide for deep thinking and reflection on gender matters in the church.

There are ten guiding principles arranged in Chapters and based on scripture to help the church on its journey towards equity and equality. Genesis begins by telling us about our Creator and our creation. A crucial message in Genesis is that male and female were created together in God’s image and as stewards. It indicates that men and women share a common origin and responsibility. Every person’s value and significance are derived from that basic truth. The truth of our creation by God in His image influences how we act towards one another. Our attitudes and all our relationships and actions should acknowledge the value of both male and female in God’s eyes. We need to be considerate towards all people, keep their well-being in mind, and demonstrate compassion when someone’s dignity has been disregarded, stripped from them, or damaged in any way. Our motivation and model should come from the example of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the gospels. In the Old Testament, the word ‘shalom’ encompassed completeness, wholeness, well-being, vitality, fulfilment and healthy relationships. Shalom describes the well-being of a community where justice and righteousness prevail. The foreword in this book was written by Pastor Xana McCauley from Rhema Bible Church North.

“I pray that you will enjoy reading about and reflecting on the various aspects of our calling to ensure that the body of Christ is healthy, and that families will grow in their understanding of God’s call to us to take responsibility for our spiritual and physical health. S3R Consulting is available for discussions, training and speaking engagements in these critical matters. May the Lord bless all who read and study this work and may more people understand God’s call to action
relation to gender equity and equality.” ~ Pastor Stanley Maphosa

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