Auden: The Legend Weavers of the Forest Mountains

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Here be no dragons! yet evil finds its own way into the winding tale of Auden – a community isolated and out of step with the passage of time – but as the Sister Medic whispered to the Queen, “It’s hard to imagine bad in others if there is none in your character.”

Strength and ingenuity is needed to restore the balance if Auden and its royal house is to once again thrive.



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Ink Aloud Books From Home

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Detail of Pastel by Venus Gobrechts (23.03.1923 – July 2020)

About The Author

Emile Liebenberg Shreve

Protected by its geographical location the Kingdom of Auden has, from its very inception, existed in an old time.

Ann-Ulka, guided by a vision, embarks on a perilous quest thus forging a close bond with the Royal family of Auden.

To change the course of Auden’s history, Enirac, the weaving spider, chooses the elfin Princess Nimiande, but plans can go wrong as Cave-dweller Heron discovers. She realises that the Forest Mountain Refuge is more than its name implies, especially when Aeris Odī-Bengu of the Fenga Islands needs her help. A jewel is placed in her safekeeping.

Far across the valley at the Royal palace, Queen Eleandra reluctantly accepts that, unlike her, the King will always put self before sworn duty.

It falls to Princess Honore to ensure the future of Auden’s Royals.


1 review for Auden: The Legend Weavers of the Forest Mountains

  1. Sean Shreve, Cape Town

    This is a fantasy novel which readers of Jean Auell’s “Clan of the Cave Bear”, Game of Thrones devotees and Tolkein fans should enjoy. A fascinating series of legends driven mainly by the strong female leads,. From Ann-Ulka whose refusal to accept defeat and at at best a miserable form of slavery, leads her people into the Forest Mountains and thus begins the Legend of Auden . Through to Nimiande with Lord Aurat who underpin all subsequent “weavings”, and through the stories of of the major triumphs, love, enmities, disasters and intrigue, that constitute of the magical land of Auden.

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