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As a self-published author, you’ve no doubt experienced how difficult it is to get your book into bookstores and the mainstream distribution chain. You are probably also lamenting the measly 30% of retail that you’re earning on sales. That’s right – just 30%! If you invested in professional production and printing, it’s unlikely you’re making any money going the bookstore route unless you printed a few thousand copies. And authors who opted for short-run digital printing are probably barely covering their printing costs, let alone their production expenses.

If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone – it’s the reason we started Publisher is South Africa’s leading online store for self-published authors with a business model geared to independent publishing. For starters, you earn 70% of the retail price when selling through Publisher. We are also throwing in an added incentive: if you sell 10 or more books through the store in a month, you earn an extra 5% for that qualifying month!

You can warehouse up to five books with us, absolutely free – all you need to do is get your stock to us. Want to warehouse more? We can accommodate up to 30 books for a nominal fee of R40 per month, payable six months in advance; you are welcome to replenish your stock as and when needed within this period, at no additional cost. There is also NO handling fee per order, unlike with other distributors. You get your full minimum 70% – plain and simple.

What’s holding you back?

We have discovered that most authors don’t know how to promote and market their books. Many also do not understand the difference between distribution and marketing, nor do they understand how online stores work and how to make the most of their online sales platforms.

We hope to empower authors by providing this much-needed information through a series of newsletters. In these newsletters you can expect to receive:

  • Tips and ideas on how to promote your book
  • Book competition information – what’s happen­ing and where to enter
  • Marketing specials
  • How to make the online store work for you
  • Practical guidance on various aspects of book marketing
  • General publishing and distribution advice
  • Spotlight on our authors and their successes so that you can be inspired and learn from others
  • book of the month
  • Social media tips
  • Author Q&A – send us your questions and we’ll answer them
  • Free tools and templates to help you publicise and market your book

First things first

  1. Browse our new-look store.
  2. Locate your book and ensure that you’re happy with the price and description. Remember, the more information you can offer book buyers, the better. Is your price attractive?
  3. Send us an author image and short bio – it helps create a more personal connection with your buyer. Improve your existing bio if you need to (but keep it short).
  4. If your book has won competitions or accolades, let us know and we’ll load the information up; positive feedback helps to sell books.
  5. Encourage friends, family and customers who have purchased the book to leave a review on the website.
  6. If your bank details have changed, please contact our offices and let us know.

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Wishing you a fabulous 2018 and more money in your pockets!

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