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This Valentine, celebrate the most important person in your life – YOU!

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Stand in line to WIN one of three prizes when you buy any one of our featured books below – each book purchased gives you one entry. Plus, when you buy three or more books, you receive 20% off each one!

All too often, our lives revolve around honouring our commitments to others. We wake up one day to realise that we’re feeling unfulfilled, we’re not living authentically, our relationships are less than satisfying, we’re still carrying resentment and anger towards those who have betrayed or wronged us, and we feel frustrated and alone, wondering what it’s all for. The start of a new year brings new possibilities, and this Valentine’s month we encourage you to stop, breathe, and start focusing on the most important person in your life – you! Each book has been carefully selected to address the different areas of your life that may need healing, rebalancing, reprioritising, or no-nonsense practical action and accountability.

Read THE CONTRACT WITH YOURSELF, a practical step-by-step guide offering seven simple principles you can easily implement to take control of your life with the most important contract you’ll ever sign. MESSENGER IN THE MIRROR will encourage you to examine and understand the triggers and dynamics in your relationships and make the changes necessary to take back your personal power and find the love you seek. FORGIVENESS will show you how resentment and anger only serve to harm you, and that freedom comes from forgiving and letting go; based on a true story, this book will take you on a journey to find out how. And BELOVED FRIEND reveals the benevolent hidden forces at work in our lives – our unconditionally loving Spirit Guides – who are always with us even during our darkest times waiting to help us, if only we’ll ask. Find out how they work – and much more – in this true story of a woman’s journey out of an abusive marriage and into a life of personal freedom, fulfilment and success, all with the help of the Guides.

[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_pageable][vc_tta_section title=”Section 3″ tab_id=”1549016462233-a2fb1e19-d951″][bookie-featured-product style=”2″ caption=”FEATURED” title=”The Contract with Yourself” name=”Dineshrie Pillay” image=”2111″ button_text=”FIND OUT MORE / BUY NOW” button_url=”https://publisher.co.za/product/the-contract-with-yourself/” description=”What if there was a contract that expressly stipulated how you should run your life? A contract that was designed by you, signed by you and monitored by you. A contract that honoured the wishes of the most important person in your life – you. Dineshrie Pillay explores what the ideal contract with yourself could look like, with a view to achieving your personal success. Instructive and inspirational, The Contract With Yourself is filled with useful stories, analogies, and practical action steps that you can easily apply to assess and plan your life.”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Section 1″ tab_id=”1549016457867-b937caa7-8028″][bookie-featured-product style=”2″ caption=”FEATURED” title=”Messenger in the Mirror” name=”Dyan Belonje” image=”135″ button_text=”FIND OUT MORE / BUY NOW” button_url=”https://publisher.co.za/product/messenger-in-the-mirror/” description=”Take back your power by understanding the patterns and pay-offs in your key relationships. In this unique and important book, Dyan Belonje explores the challenging and often painful relationships we have with others. By introducing us to some of the early influences that have helped shape our lives, she encourages us to look within and observe our own patterns and behaviour so that we are better able to understand how we set ourselves up, what our pay-offs are, and why we attract the relationships we do. In ‘Messenger in the Mirror’, she shows us how each person we meet is a mirror, reflecting back a unique message to us about who we are. Recognising these messages is the key to personal growth and our ability to take back our power and start living with greater wisdom, happiness and authenticity. Each time we recognise a message and act on it, we improve not only our relationships with significant others, but the most important relationship of all – our relationship with ourselves.”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Section 4″ tab_id=”1549016604329-764c84cf-d030″][bookie-featured-product style=”2″ caption=”FEATURED” title=”Forgiveness: Your Gift of Love to Yourself” name=”Nicolette Lodge” image=”152″ button_text=”FIND OUT MORE / BUY NOW” button_url=”https://publisher.co.za/product/forgiveness-2″ description=”We have all suffered at the mercy of others who are not living consciously. We all experience situations that deeply challenge us to forgive. It is part of being human. We know we need to forgive, but we don’t always know how. We try to forgive, and we say we have, but we continue to revisit our old stories and sour our present experience with negativity. Mastering forgiveness is a vital component of our human experience. It is integral to living a life of balance and harmony. Whether you’re a man or a woman, homosexual or heterosexual, young or old, this book will change your life. It will teach you how to forgive and awaken to your greatest power, which is the gift of love you give yourself. This book is a journey to your soul. You will be taken by the hand and led through the layers of misperception, lies and half-truths that are the barriers preventing you from letting go. Power and passion will return as you cut ties with the past, heal your hurts, and finally forgive and walk free.”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Section 2″ tab_id=”1549016457909-b78bc46e-32f4″][bookie-featured-product style=”2″ caption=”FEATURED” title=”Beloved Friend” name=”Cindy Glass & Theresa Walstra” image=”1802″ button_text=”FIND OUT MORE / BUY NOW” button_url=”https://publisher.co.za/product/beloved-friend/” description=”Cindy Glass tells the story of her struggles in life after leaving an abusive and controlling marriage, and how she was led to meet with Spirit Guides, channelled through the mediumship of Theresa Walstra. The first encounter is one filled with anxiety, but in time the relationship grows as they gently lead her towards her destiny and encourage her to find the strength she needs to make profound changes that will affect her life and the lives of others. This is a true story using actual extracts from private consultations between Cindy and the Guides. It documents the events in Cindy’s life, showing how closer encounters with Spirit Guides can help to provide a better understanding of the earthly life and the choices that we make.”][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_pageable][vc_column_text]



  • A personalised reading with Theresa Walstra in which she connects with channelled Spirit Guides to offer you unique insight and guidance in your life. Find out more about Theresa and her work.
  • Also receive a 1–1,5 hour session with integrative intuitive healer Dyan Belonje, in which she uses a combination of massage, reflexology and sound healing therapy to rebalance your body and energy fields. If you are not based in Cape Town to receive it, you are welcome to gift the session to someone else. Find out more about Dyan and her work.


  • Receive a one-hour session with integrative intuitive healer Dyan Belonje – choose any one of her healing modalities. If you are not based in Cape Town to receive it, you are welcome to gift the session to someone else.
  • Receive a R250 gift voucher sponsored by leadership development specialist and self-empowerment coach Dineshrie Pillay. Find out more about Dineshrie and her work.


  • Receive a one-hour session with integrative intuitive healer Dyan Belonje – choose any one of her healing modalities. If you are not based in Cape Town to receive it, you are welcome to gift the session to someone else.


Terms and conditions:

  1. The competition closes at midnight on the 28th February 2019. First, second and third prize winners will be drawn by Friday 8th March 2019 and notified by email.
  2. Prize winners can book their sessions directly with the practitioner, details of which will be provided by our offices when the winners are notified.
  3. Theresa Walstra’s reading is done via Skype; a Skype connection will be needed (Skype can be downloaded for free on all devices).
  4. Dyan Belonje is based in Kenilworth, Cape Town. If you are a winner and based out of town, you are welcome to gift your session to someone else. Kindly arrange this directly with Dyan.
  5. The decision of the judges for the competition is final.
  6. The 20% discount for purchases of three or more books is valid for the month of February only, and applicable only to the four books featured in our February Valentine promotion.
  7. This promotion is valid while stocks last.
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