“Thabo, the Space Dude: Last Days on Earth” blasts off


Our newest release on Publisher.co.za  – Thabo, the Space Dude  – has seen some exceptional opening-week sales, with author Lori-Ann Preston having to undertake a second print run mere weeks after her self-published adventure for tweens was released.

In this charming book, Thabo’s parents announce to him that the family is moving … to Mars. Through a series of logbook entries, Thabo chronicles his last days on Earth as he struggles to process the news and prepare himself for the sad goodbyes and the new adventure that awaits. His logbook entries are complemented by comic-strip style illustrations by Lindsey Cumming, bringing an extra layer of fun to the sweet and funny story.

Last Days on Earth is the first instalment in a series that will follow Thabo through the ups and downs of becoming a Martian, on top of having to deal with the usual issues that tweens face – dealing with nagging parents; outsmarting the bully at school; catching the girl of his dreams’ eye; and the wretched task of having to say goodbye to friends.

Author Lori-Ann Preston’s passion for entertaining children stems from her years as a teacher in East London. When searching for fun-filled adventure books to read to her class that South African tweens could relate to, Lori-Ann discovered that books that met the criteria were almost impossible to find, and decided to fill this gap in the market by putting pen to paper. The overwhelming response that the book has received indicates that there is indeed a demand for this kind of content, which bodes well for the forthcoming books in the series – which we’re waiting for with bated breath at Publisher.

Lori-Ann has previously won the Golden Baobab award for another of her books aimed at tweens – The Ama-Zings, an amusing adventure story about five friends who get stuck in the Cango Caves. She has the next two instalments in the Thabo series lined up for release, and spends her days writing and planning the upcoming adventures of our new favourite Martian.

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