There are THREE important questions you should be asking yourself …

  1. Can my book be ordered online?
  2. Is my sales and distribution process seamless and effortless?
  3. Am I making enough on the sale of each book?

Going the traditional distribution route is a costly, uphill battle for most small publishers, which is why we created a different system – a system better-suited to small-scale publishing when it comes to profitability and ease. As long as you’re out there marketing and promoting your book, we’re ensuring that the sale can take place and that you earn more than you would anywhere else.

What does offer you, the author?

  • Earn 70% of the selling price on print edition sales and 60–70% on ebook sales
  • Sell your ebooks without DRM protection
  • Warehouse 2–10 copies of your print edition for FREE
  • No time wasted managing couriers or standing in post office queues
  • Sales statements when books are sold
  • Payment in local currency, directly into your bank account
  • Quick and easy registration
  • A platform to sell your products locally, with local delivery costs
  • Convenient and safe payment options for your customers
  • Discount coupon codes to boost sales
  • Customer or media reviews for your book page
  • The option to add your book launch or special event news to our blog
  • Friendly, personal service when you liaise with us

What is DRM protection?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM protection prevents book buyers from sharing your ebook file with others. Files are stored on a distribution server – in this case, Adobe Content Server (ACS) – and when customers purchase the ebook, the file is delivered to an app that is preloaded on their device. The app required for reading our DRM-protected ebooks is Adobe Digital Editions, which is available as a free download, but can also be downloaded here. Adobe Digital Editions is an industry-standard app used for reading ePub ebooks in reflowable and fixed layout format, and PDF ebooks.

There are pros and cons to DRM protection. On the one hand, it makes it harder for people to share your ebook and thus better protects your work. On the other, it can make it difficult for legitimate owners (those who bought the book) to read your book on other devices they own.

Whether or not you opt for DRM protection depends on your content and your marketing strategy. If you are more concerned about achieving market reach and less concerned about your intellectual capital or making money, then DRM protection may prove a hindrance to your ultimate goal. As someone famously said: “Piracy is not the problem for most authors … obscurity is.”

How much money will you make and when do you get paid?


You earn 70% of the retail price. This is an awesome return when compared with other online or bricks-and-mortar stores. In fact, with such great returns on the sale of each book and local payment in ZAR directly into your bank account, it pays you to promote as your retailer of choice in all your marketing material, email banners, on social media, and your book reviews and promotions.


Ebooks with DRM protection: Currently unavailable through our bookstore.
Ebooks without DRM protection: You receive 70% of the retail price


You earn the difference between the printing costs (includes’s packing and distribution fee) and the selling price.

When sales are made, we pay you within the first week of the following month. Sales in the month of December will only be paid mid-January of the following year due to our offices being closed for the holidays.

How does the service work?

Complete and submit our online book listing form or download the book listing form in Word doc format or PDF format. You will be prompted to supply a full-size front cover image of your book, and preferably some sample pages of your book inner in PDF format to help readers make an informed buying decision. If your book is a full colour coffee table book, feel free to send us images in jpg format of some of your pages or images used in the book. Then send us up to 10 physical copies of your book for order fulfilment. Don’t worry, everything you need for the listing has been provided on the book listing form, including our delivery address.

Features of this service include:

  • R250 once-off administration and account setup fee.
  • R250 once-off file setup of print files for the print-on-demand (POD) option
  • FREE warehousing of 2–10 books with the option to replenish stock as and when stock sells out, at no additional cost.
  • Sell downloadable ebook versions of your book at no extra cost (you to supply the file, or we can convert it for you at an additional cost).
  • Receive your own book sales page with description, price, author information, and other book information.
  • Receive customer reviews.
  • Add media reviews and awards to your book page, as and when needed, at no extra cost.
  • Enjoy access to sales tools such as discount coupon codes for your mailers, social media and promotional campaigns.
  • Receive the logo for use on your website, social media, and other promotional items to help drive sales to your book in the store.

Once we receive your listing form, physical stock, and proof of payment of your once-off listing fee, we will load your book information onto the Publisher website. You will be notified when your listing has been uploaded. Your listing goes live usually within 1–3 working days after we receive the above. We advise you when stock levels are low so that you can replenish your stock. You may replenish your stock as often as needed at no extra cost (the cost of getting your books to us is for your account).

Then, you need to Promote, Promote, Promote! Don’t by shy about referring buyers to your book page 🙂

Easy Booklisting Application Form links


Is there a way to track my sales?

We provide a supplier statement when books have been sold. Your statement will detail the sales made. Statements are not issued if no sales have been made. However, you are always welcome to call our office or email us to request a sales update at any time. Sales summaries are usually supplied within 2-5 working days of your request.

Am I limited to selling only through

Absolutely not! You can (and should) list your book in as many online and physical bookstores as you can. It would serve you, however, to direct as many customers as possible to the store using click-through links from your website and social media posts, because this is where you will make the most money.

I live abroad. Can I still list my book on

Yes, you can, PROVIDED you have a bank account in South Africa. At this point in time, we regretfully do not make payments to non-South African bank account holders, as all payments are made using EFT (electronic funds transfer).

Does market authors’ books?

No, we don’t actively promote your title. As a self-publishing author you take on the role of the publisher and, as such, marketing and promoting your book always remains your responsibility. There are many excellent online resources that offer great marketing and promotional ideas. What you MUST remember is to direct potential buyers to this online store because this is where you’re going to make your greatest profit. So always include in your list of available outlets and mention that we are your preferred retailer. When you list with us, we will also provide you with our logo for use on your marketing material, social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, and your email banner.

We do promote the store to potential book buyers, however, and we also publicise new titles on our social media pages. Furthermore, if pushing your book is appropriate to a campaign that we are running, we will do so. And don’t forget to use our discount coupons to encourage sales. To receive a coupon code that you can pass on to potential customers to stimulate sales, or to find out more about what coupon codes are and how you can use them, speak to one of our consultants. There is no charge for our coupon code service.

What must I send to

To list your products, we need the following (you will be asked to supply these items when you complete the booklisting form):

  • Completed booklisting form
  • Proof of payment for the once-off listing fee
  • Full-size, high-quality images of your product or book cover in either .jpg, .tiff, .eps or pdf format
  • The electronic files of your product if your product is downloadable
  • Products for warehousing if you are listing a physical product

Email address for electronic documentation and product files: