Wholesome Eats – For Natural Nutritious Lifestyle

Tantalise your taste buds with 95 delectable fruit and vegetable infusions of sweet treats and spicy eats from ‘Wholesome Eats’, a one-stop information cookbook; a moderate path to better eating habits.



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‘Wholesome Eats’
is a cookbook borne out of divine inspiration. Self-published, self-edited and self-styled, ‘wholesome eats’ is a combination of the author’s passions for writing, cooking and baking as well as researching the healing properties of fruits and vegetables.

Comprehensive in information content, yet summarised enough to hold interest, this cookbook serves as a stepping stone to increase awareness about a more realistic formula for wholesome eating habits. A formula based on the eating etiquettes of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) which is, that after the consumption of a meal, our tummies should consist of 1/3 food + 1/3 liquid + 1/3 air. This is the balance – to eat in moderation.

Essential information about better cooking oils, better cookware, better eating habits, substitutes, seasonal charts, how to run an organised kitchen as well as delectable recipes are all found in this one-stop information cookbook. The varied, slightly unconventional recipes dare to tantalise the taste-buds.

It encourages us to cook with naturally nutritious fruits and vegetables. It speaks of fruits and vegetables that have amazing healing properties, how we can save lots of money on doctor’s bills and minimise the risk of developing illnesses to grow old gracefully by simply increasing our consumption of these natural foods.

There is a trend towards natural eating and natural alternatives. Terminologies such as GSM, BST, GI, organic, etc has created information overload.  The concept ‘healthy’ has become a commercialised trend and a money-making scheme. The author encourages us to consume foods in their most natural state, whenever possible, to adopt better eating habits.

‘Wholesome Eats’ reverts to the basics of eating fruits, vegetables, grains, spices and lentils which is much easier to grasp, less time consuming, realistic, affordable and achievable.  By practising this lifestyle, we can reach a state of ‘healthiness’ or ‘well-being’ and minimize the ever increasing paranoia of ‘to eat or not to eat’ when we need to make the better food choices. The key word is ‘moderation’.


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