When options run thin, creativity kicks in. Joe introduces The Filchers in ‘Unbreakables’, the first book of a heist series. Three men are willing to do a lot to get what they want, even if it means bending the rules a bit.


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Joe Pringle

Chris, Ben and Leon are qualified, willing and ambitious, yet unable to find work in their fields. Leon is tired of waiting tables at a local coffee shop, Ben can’t take sitting at home with nothing to do anymore and Chris has had enough of designing websites for housewives and kids. Just as they’re about to give up all hope Ben arrives with an idea.

What at first seemed simply like an idea soon becomes their only option: Robbing a high-end jewellery store.

Three large and rare diamonds have been confiscated, belonging to no one and are now any man’s game. It’s the perfect crime.


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