Treacherous – The Imperfections of Success

Prepare yourself for a brutally honest glimpse of the dark side of the South African underworld. Follow this man’s journey, and get to know a man you will sometimes admire and sometimes loathe. The story of Quinn Rosso will expose readers to the moral ambiguities embedded in each of us. It also poses serious questions about the dividing line between right and wrong, and between honest enquiry and self-justification. Who is the man upon whom Quinn Rosso’s fiction is based. The author’s not saying, preferring instead to leave his readers to guess.



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Jack Quinton

‘Be assured,’ Russo wrote, ‘that unfinished business will be taken care of by the devil himself.’ Quinn Russo did not succeed in life by playing by the rules. He did not follow the norms and habits of most successful people, and he paid scant regard to moral or ethical concerns. Nevertheless, he became a highly successful South African businessman.

This book chronicles the life of Quinn Rosso. It has been written as fiction, but is based on the true story of an eccentric man who was possessed of an enigmatic dynamism and a definite Midas touch. Rosso, like his counterpart in real life, became one of the most influential figures in the world of South African and international business, achieving the kind of success that most people can only dream of. But his methods were sometimes worse than shady: he was always prepared to twist the rules and regulations to achieve his goals.


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