Tilly & Thandeka: The Crown of Ancient Ghana

An exciting adventure story set on the lush Kwa-Zulu Natal Coast about two brave girls, Tilly and Thandeka, who have to solve the mystery of a missing crown.
Interspersed with illustrations by the talented Cristy Zinn, this story is aimed at 7-9 year-olds.


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Cristy Zinn

About The Author

Nicole Rimensberger

Nicole Rimensberger

Nicole believes very passionately in books and that if there is a kind of magic in the world, then it can be found between the covers of a book. She has been chasing this magic ever since she was little and learned how to read.

Nicole has wriiten two books so far, with another one in the making. Witchfield being her first, and Tilly & Thandeka: The Ancient Crown of Ghana her second.

Adventures only happen to grown-ups and children in story books. Or do they?

Tilly is a girl who dreams of adventures. When she is sent to live with her mysterious explorer aunt in her old house atop a sugar cane hill, she has no idea what to expect. She finds a house full of books and strange artefacts, the odd delicious biscuit, an absent-minded aunt often away on adventures, a border collie called Livingston, and Thandeka, a new friend.

Then the valuable crown of ancient Ghana is stolen from a museum exhibition. Tilly and Thandeka begin to connect the dots and fall headlong into their first adventure… but will they be brave enough to make it through?


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