There is More to Life

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“Imagine living in a world where there is no pain, pressure and hatred, where we can live without any sickness in our bodies and where we are filled always with eternal joy in our hearts; a world where the presence of God is our daily bread …”

Oratile Koesentse believes that we should stop focusing on temporary things that we are bound to lose, thereby enabling us to live a life that is fruitful. Her book There is More to Life is filled with quotes from the Bible, as well as her personal belief and perception of the world in relation to Gods word.


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Oratile Koesentse

“One of the saddest things in life, even though we don’t realise it, is that we keep fighting hard for the very things
that steal our happiness away, and we can’t really figure it out.”

Are we really benefitting from all the stress that we endure day and night, trying to make ourselves comfortable on Earth? Or do we allow our attention to be consumed by the desires that makes us lose focus on what God has called us to do?

Our life is more than what Earth is offering us, therefore we need to start realising that the most important thing we can do is to start working hard towards everlasting life. It’s about time we stop focusing on temporary things that we are bound to lose, in order to live a life that is full of fruits and to secure our place in Heaven.


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  1. Tsholo

    This book is a soothe

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