The Talking Stick – Exploring Life’s Possibilities

Insights into every area in our lives to inspire conscious, purposeful, congruent and spiritual living. Inspiration to be the best we can be, learning to accept and embrace life just as it is.


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About The Author

Andrew Pike

The Talking Stick: Exploring Life’s possibilities is a collection of insights into different areas of life and what is possible when life’s possibilities are fully explored.

A must-read for anyone wanting something more from Life, the book offers insights and inspiration to support readers to live every part of their lives holistically, consciously, with purpose and proactively.

The book is underpinned by a theme of conscious, purposeful, congruent and spiritual living in everything that we say and do, so that readers are inspired and supported to:

  • be the best they can be in everything that they do;
  • embrace Life just as it is presented to them, whether they like what is presented to them or not;
  • explore every possibility which presents itself from moment to moment;
  • get in touch with the spiritual essence of who they really are.

In order to address the holistic nature of our lives, the book has been divided into eight sections which are: LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, FEELINGS, SPIRITUALITY, HEALTH, CAREERS/WORK/MONEY (a single section), CREATIVITY and DEATH.

Each section has a series of chapters which address various issues in each section.  Every chapter:

  • Explores one aspect of the section of which it forms a part, typically by drawing on a particular experience in the author’s life
  • Offers the author’s insights on the proactive way of exploring the possibilities for addressing the issue which arises
  • Gives the reader a chance to take up The Talking Stick through an exercise offered by the author and explore his or her own insights and possibilities for similar issues in his or her on life
  • Is self-contained, in the sense that it can be read on its own and the reader will be enriched for the reading, without having had to read any preceding or following chapter.

In every chapter of every section, the author has taken one or more of his own profound and unique Life experiences and has revealed and shared the lessons gleaned from those experiences.  Each section reveals an enlightened exploration of possibilities with the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Through his own learnings and insights, Andrew Pike offers inspiration and learning to readers.




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