The Polygamist

Two is company; four is definitely a crowd! A gripping story of four women whose lives become intertwined as a result of their love for one man. Sometimes marriage isn’t what you envisioned.


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Sue Nyathi

Sue Nyathi was born, bred and educated in Bulawayo. She has always been an avid writer, and her creativity began to show at the age of 10 when she would cut out pictures from magazines and write little excerpts about the men and women in the pictures. Her interest in writing was further nurtured throughout high school, where she wrote a lot of poetry, for which she won many accolades.

After school, Sue pursued a degree in Finance and later completed a Masters Degree in Finance. Presently, Sue works for a stockbroking firm as a Research Analyst. While her career in finance entails a lot of analytical work and writing that is only technical in nature, she tries to not let this stifle her creativity.

Sue's debut novel, the Polygamist, was published in 2012. The Gold Diggers (2018) is her second offering, and has recently been released by Pan Macmillan. She is looking forward to writing her 3rd book, titled “The Gold Rush.”

‘The Polygamist’ weaves a tale about four women whose lives become intertwined as a result of their love for one man. Set in modern-day Zimbabwe, the story is narrated through the four female protagonists. Joyce is the legitimate first wife of Jonasi Gomora. She has four kids, a shiny black Mercedes Benz and a life every woman is envious of. Joyce believes she has the perfect marriage until Matipa rears her coiffed head.

Matipa is an ambitious, educated high flyer with an eye for the good things in life. She does not want to sit around waiting for a guy to realise his potential, she wants instant gratification, which comes in the form of Jonasi. He personifies everything she wants in a man. And so her driving ambition is usurp Joyce’s role as Jonasi’s wife and lover.

Essie is the girl next door from the poverty-stricken township where Jonasi grew up in. She lacks Joyce’s sophistication and Matipa’s intelligence, but she cared for Jonasi long before he became the man he is. So Essie plays the role of second fiddle knowing he’ll always come back to her.

Lindani is a beautiful young girl who has nothing going for her but her greatest assets: her beauty and her body. She hopes this lethal combination will be enough to ensnare the affections of a man who will marry her and leave her taken care of, no longer having to worry about how she’ll keep a solid roof over her head. Then she meets Jonasi and thinks all her problems have been answered, not knowing they have only just begun….

Told in a gripping, accessible and somewhat shockingly frank style, Sue Nyathi takes readers on a journey beyond the bedroom door of a polygamous man and his four Mrs Rights. Yet lurking below the surface the question remains: is this kind of marriage practice really legitimate in a society plagued by HIV/Aids?

Smart, sassy and sexy, ‘The Polygamist’ shows that sometimes marriage isn’t what you envisioned – rather than being a secure refuge it can be a battlefield!

What others say:

Mamohau Kekana
“What a riveting and engaging book, it truly was a pleasure reading it, I loved every moment.”

Nomonde Maja
“Just finished reading your book – well written. I cried, laughed out loud and some parts really got turned on! Beautifully written… Movie please 🙂 my Jonasi is the Blair or locally Tony Kgorokge thank you for sharing with us….”

Stella Makoni
“I helped myself to my mum’s copy of your novel ‘The Polygamist’ and l loved it. All 193 pages of it. I loved the way you brought out issues of abuse,gender-violence,marital rape & HIV/AIDS so cleverly. You left me wanting more and feeling sorry for Jonasi Gomora and rooting for Joyce!“

Xolani Mpofu
“What an intriguing book. I laughed, cried, identified myself with the characters. Thank you for a wonderful book.”

Morris Mpala
“I got more than what I had bargained for….it was rollercoaster for me”.

Thato Malebane
“Read ‘The Polygamist’ this weekend. So blown away so conflicted so emotional so confused so impressed with the way you wrote it. I couldn’t put it down! I feel like I know Joyce and I could kill Matipa, that Essie and I could take it outside right now I will teach her ghetto self a thing or two! And Lindani??? She just make me wanna cuss! It was amazing, can’t wait for the next one!”

Conrad Choruma
“Ok finished the book hmmmmmmm one must behave! This is an excellent film for World Aids day for sure hmmmmm will read it again and again…”

Tina Wiklund
“Oh my goodness, I finished the book in two nights. Could have done one night but I have a child. The book was really intriguing and well written. I just could not put that book down. I was angry with everyone. Joyce how could you stay in this kind of marriage until it was too late. Oh Matipa, how dare you take someone else’s husband? And then leave your children behind. Your flesh and blood!!! Such an educated woman like you and were going places. Ai wena Essie I can’t believe you will do this to yourself for such a long time. But Lindani you just need a clap.”

Mbali Nhlangulela
“What a lovely book!! It took me three days to read and I just couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to your next book! You write beautifully.”

VimbaiGwata, Diasporan Darlings
“Nyathi’s use of very candid language sets her apart from the bulk of female African authors. Unlike her predecessors she is unapologetic about using graphic descriptions and language, not normally associated with female African authors, to highlight a characters demeanor or the baser qualities of a specific scene or scenario. She does not introduce the polygamy of our fore-fathers but instead, highlights a new strain of greed and insatiability within society that leads to a newer form of polygamy.”