The Controversial Cut: Rolling out mass male circumcision in Eswatini

This book presents an insider perspective on the mass implementation of medical male circumcision in Eswatini. It details the controversies, as well as the challenges and positive gains experienced by the coordinator of the program.


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Ayanda Nqeketo

Ayanda Nqeketo

Ayanda Nqeketo grew up in Ngqeleni, near Umthatha in the Eastern Cape, and has an MA degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of the Western Cape. He has extensive experience in public health, community outreach and the coordination of field studies, particularly in the areas of HIV/AIDS and traditional male initiation (TMI). He has worked with government departments, agencies and organisations to
offer technical support and advice on community issues around project implementation in specific focus areas.

Ayanda is the founder and Director of Ikamva Lesizwe Institute (Ikamva), which collaborates with stakeholders who seek to implement programmes in local communities. He has co-published in academic journals, and has penned newspaper columns on HIV/AIDS and male circumcision.

In 2018, Ayanda was appointed to the World Health Organisation as a member of the Guideline Development Group (GDG) on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention. He lives in Tshwane with his wife and children.

The issue of medical circumcision (MC) in Eswatini is a deeply emotive and controversial one, and no consensus on the subject exists in the country.
This book presents an insider perspective on the mass implementation of medical male circumcision in Eswatini, and all of the experiences and challenges associated with the process. The book is both a biography and an ethnographical account of that MC implementation process. Ayanda Nqeketo discusses the process not only from his perspective as the country’s MC Co-ordinator, but also as an outsider to the Kingdom’s customs and culture. In particular, he focuses on the controversies that emerged; how they were handled; how they affected the roll-out of MC in the country; as well as the positive gains achieved.

“What an extraordinary man – with important experiences to share. Passionate about the work you have done, your unique position has allowed you to provide insights into a very crucial area of health in a context wrought with its own unique set of challenges.”
~ Michelle Bovey-Wood

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